Auto Road Vertical Profile Temperature (°F)* These are temperature readings taken from six of our remote sites on the Mount Washington Auto Road, in addition to the summit.
Wind Speed Average, 10-Minute Max/Min, 24-Hour Gust (MPH)* This gauge indicates the wind speed on the summit. The red bar shows the highest instantaneous 24-hour gust recorded on the summit, the blue bar spans from the lowest 10-minute reading to the highest 10-minute reading, and the arrow points at the current 2-minute average wind speed.
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Summit Conditions* Please note that the temperatures, highs and lows listed here are not official summit temperatures, as they are taken from automated summit instruments. Precipitation is a sum of all measured 6-hourly collections in the last 24 hours, and this number does not include what has fallen since the last precipitation collection. For official daily summaries, please see our F6 archive.
Wind Speed Wind Direction 10-Minute Gust Wind Chill
Temp RH Pressure Weather
24-Hour Data
Precip Snow High Low Gust
24 hr max/min (°F)* Please note that high, low and average temperatures are taken from our automated instruments, and therefore may not reflect the official temperature recorded on the summit. Please see our F6 page for official data.
Visibility (miles)
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Wind Average, Gust/Lull and Direction* Each data point displays the average hourly wind speed (red) and the maximum and minimum hourly wind speed (blue shading), along with hourly averages of wind direction (purple, right axis).
Temperature, Dew Point, and Wind Chill* This graph displays the hourly average temperature (red), instantaneous dew point at the hourly observation (yellow dot), and calculated wind chill (salmon line, right axis). Temperature is taken from an automated sensor and does not represent the summits' official temperature reading. Please refer to our official F6 for daily high, low and average temperatures. Please note that wind chill is only reported if temperature is under 50 degrees and wind speeds are above 3 mph.
Barometric Pressure History* This graph displays hourly average pressure. The right-hand axis displays pressure in Millibars and the left-hand axis in Inches of Mercury.